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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A group of 135 students from Centerville High School wanted to take a field trip into Dayton to visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force. The group coordinator reached out for a quote on a 56 passenger charter bus to transport the students from Centerville to the museum in Dayton and back. Given the large size of the group, they required two 56 passenger charter buses for the day. We provided a quote of $150 per hour for each bus. They needed the buses from 8am to 4pm, totaling 8 hours each. With the two buses, the total quote came out to $2,400. The coordinator appreciated the quick and easy quoting process through our website. She was thrilled that with our charter buses, the cost worked out to just under $18 per student. This covered reliable transportation as well as air conditioning and onboard entertainment like TVs and WiFi. She happily booked the two charter buses with us for the educational and fun field trip.


Example #2

A regional manager at a large corporation in Dayton is planning an employee team building event. She wants to take her top 10 sales employees on a fun outing in the city to boost morale. She decides to rent a luxury 20 passenger charter bus for the day to shuttle them around to different attractions. Some of the stops include the Dayton Art Institute, RiverScape MetroPark, and Scene75 entertainment center. She rents the charter bus for 8 hours from 9am-5pm on a Saturday in June. The total cost comes out to $1,260. This covers the base rate of $140 per hour plus a 10% gratuity. Having a charter bus makes the trip easy and stress-free. Everyone can relax and enjoy the outing without having to worry about driving or parking. The manager is happy knowing her team will arrive together and stay on schedule. She decides the experience is well worth the price.


Example #3:

Taking the local youth football team on an end-of-season trip to Cincinnati can be a fun experience for the players and coaches. We recently helped transport a team of 28 players, 5 coaches, and a few parents to Cincinnati for a weekend game and sightseeing. For a day trip from Dayton to Cincinnati, we quoted the team $1,260 to rent a 35-passenger charter bus. This covered roundtrip transportation, bottled water and snacks onboard, and 7 hours total for their customized itinerary. The route allowed stops at the football game, touring the Reds Hall of Fame, and trying the famous ice cream parlor Aglamesis Bros before heading back. With charter bus rentals, pricing is mostly determined by the size of vehicle needed and duration of the rental. Having an exact passenger count and agenda makes it easy for us to provide an accurate quote. Things like trip distance, date, and extra amenities would adjust the rate up or down. To keep their costs reasonable, the team chose standard coach bus features like TVs and WiFi rather than upgrading to a limo style coach. Renting a charter bus takes the headache out of coordinating complex group transportation. Reach out anytime for help planning your next team adventure with customized quotes!


Example #4:

Family Trip from Troy to King’s Island A family in Troy is planning a summer trip to King’s Island amusement park for a day of thrill rides and family fun. They have two parents and three kids ages 8, 11, and 13 who are so excited for a day at the park. To make transportation easy, they decide to rent a mini coach bus that can fit their family of 5 plus provide room for snacks, bags and souvenirs on the return trip. They rent the mini coach for the day for $600. This rate includes pickup in Troy and dropoff at King’s Island at park opening, then pickup when the park closes to return home. With the mini coach rental, the family avoids the stress of driving themselves and finding parking at the busy amusement park. The kids love riding together in the spacious bus so they can play card games and talk about which rides they want to go on first. It is the perfect transportation option for their family King’s Island day trip.


Example #5:

When planning a wedding, transportation logistics can get complicated. From the bachelor and bachelorette parties, to getting guests to the ceremony and reception, having reliable transportation is key. We recently provided a quote for a wedding in Dayton that needed transportation for 80 guests. The couple rented a 56-passenger charter bus for the day to shuttle guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception venues. With the bus booked for 8 hours and priced at $105 per hour, their Dayton charter bus rental for the wedding cost $840. They also rented an 18-passenger minibus for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, priced at $70 per hour for 5 hours that night, adding $350. The total for their Dayton charter bus rentals was $1,190, plus tip. Having group transportation taken care of reduced stress and let the wedding party focus on celebrating their big day.

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